Passwords will be one of the most important yet annoying things you’ll ever have to deal with.  They are so necessary to keep you and your information secure, yet they can be tedious having to memorize countless passwords and irritating when it comes to thinking of new ones.  The requirements you must abide by when thinking of a new password can be extremely frustrating, at least 1 uppercase letter, must have numbers and symbols etc… And it’s not safe to write them down somewhere so how are we expected to remember them all?!

Well now there is 1U to solve all your password woes.  1U is an app that will replace any and all of your usernames and passwords.  You are your own password, literally.  You use your smartphone’s camera to take an image of yourself to sign into any site or account.  The app can tell if it is the real you or an image or video of you so that you don’t have to worry about your phone being stolen and anyone trying to sign in to any of your accounts.

You can download 1U for Free from iTunes and choose between 2 options: $9.99 for 1U Premium for 1 month which includes unlimited iOS devices, computers, and websites; or $49.99 for 1U Premium for 1 year which also includes unlimited iOS devices, computers, and websites.  1U for Android devices will be released on December 10, 2014. 

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