Boss Man_2

 The Boss Man

He keeps TheTechGeek office running smoothly. He makes sure that all the geeks are doing their job to deliver the latest news, reviews, and updates.




The ProfessorProfessor_2

She loves helping out our Geeksters and sharing her knowledge.  How to’s, tips, and tutorials are her specialty.






The Geek

He loves all things tech and sharing it with our loyal readers.  Always offering interesting and accurate information at all times.




Scoop_2The Scoop

She’s always got the latest in gossip and news; never fails to stay ahead of the game!






The Cynic

He has his own opinions and isn’t afraid to share them.  He is not be the biggest fan of everything in the tech world and he definitely won’t shy away from tell you that.





The Joker

Likes to focus more on the light and fun side of things.  Loves to share silly websites, apps, and stories; you can always get a laugh from The Joker.





The Deal Dude

He loves a good deal and loves to share them with our Geeksters.  Keep checking back for any special sales and discounts!