Amazon wants to make sure you never run out of your daily essentials.  The Amazon Dash Button will reorder certain products for you with the simple touch of a button.  Just press it anytime you’re running low and before you know it your product will arrive on your door step.  It works with the Amazon app on your phone and be able to offer peace of mind if you have a hectic lifestyle and may forget to pick up more laundry detergent or coffee.  You can even set it to only order one unit at a time just in case you hit the button more than once to avoid over ordering.  With brands such as Huggies, Tide, Gatorade, Glad, and many more you’ll soon see how convenient this little button could be.  As of right now, only Prime Members who receive an invitation from Amazon will be eligible to try out the Amazon Dash Button.  The invitation will expire after 7 days so if you’re a lucky Prime Member, don’t hesitate to try it out!  Prime Members are limited to 3 Dash Buttons per customer while supplies last.

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