There has been some talk lately about Amazon opening up an actual physical store in New York City, but no confirmation from the online retail pioneer.  They did confirm that they will be opening a “pop-up” store in San Francisco and Sacramento as soon as October 22nd.  The “pop-up” stores will be kiosks in shopping malls displaying Amazon products such as their Kindle, the Fire Phone, and the Fire TV.  The kiosk in San Francisco will be in the Westfield San Francisco Centre.  While there are no firm details about the “pop-up” store for Sacramento, they did confirm that this is another location they are going with.  This is perfect timing considering the holidays are slowly creeping up on us and it might make shopping much easier for last minute gifts.  There is still much excitement about the physical store for New York City which also does not have a firm opening date, but they did mention that the store would be located across from the Empire State Building and will include their warehouse along with the retail storefront.  In-store pickup would be available for customers in the NYC area.  This is an incredibly exciting time for Amazon and loyal Amazon users; we can’t wait to see what the kiosks will look like and how the store in NYC turns out!

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