BGR has leaked photos and information about Amazon’s upcoming smartphone.  The photo actually shows the smartphone in a protective case making it difficult to see what it exactly looks like.  BGR has reported that the screen is about 4.7 inches which measures smaller than popular smartphones from Samsung and HTC.  They also shared that their screen resolution is less than that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One.  An interesting detail is the 5, yes 5, front facing cameras.  BGR stated that one of the cameras is most likely going to be for photos, video chatting and even using their MayDay customer service feature, but the 4 cameras on each corner is what sparks interest.  These 4 cameras are what will give users a 3D experience without having to wear special 3D glasses.  There is no set release date or price at the moment, but we do know that it should be debuting in the next few months and a lower priced version later on after that.

***All photos from BGR***

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