Google has announced that they will release Android Wear, their new operating system that will be geared towards wearable technology such as smart watches.  This operating system highlights a fast response and delivers the information you want.  With Google’s “virtual assistant”, users will be able to search the web starting their command with “Ok Google”.  They have announced their operating system to gain cooperation from third party apps, and allow them to begin developing them specifically for their devices.  Google wants to focus on more than just the typical fitness aspect of wearable technology; they would like to showcase notifications and commands available from their device.  As far as devices, they will be working with HTC, LG, Motorola, Asus, and Samsung.  For chips, they will work with Broadcom, Intel, Qualcomm, Imagination, and Mediatek.   There is no official glimpse as to what these new devices will look like, just the exciting buzz of what is to come.  These videos introduce the operating system and provides a little preview.










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