Currently one of our biggest fears is getting a virus, and I’m not talking about the flu.  I’m talking about the kind that can ruin your digital life.   We keep in touch with distant relatives and friends, we share our daily activities and woes, and we watch countless funny videos to cure boredom.  So how do we protect something so valuable?

That is where anti-virus programs come in.  Some people have their preferences and opinions but many have no clue what the difference is between any of them.  One question that often comes up is “Should I buy a program or is the free version sufficient?”  The main difference between paid and free versions is that you may get a few extra features with purchasing a program.  You can still protect yourself from viruses adequately without having to drop some money.  Some nice perks of the paid version can include additional firewall, anti- theft or spam protection, and phishing filters.

To add more to our pile of worry, you have to be careful not to download a rogue anti-virus program.  Often times malware will mask itself to appear to be an anti-virus program but upon downloading you are greeted with numerous viruses that only they can remove for you, for a price of course.  Knowing that there are fakes out there, it’s a good idea to stick to well-known programs that you can trust.  You can even go to the AV-Test website to see how different programs perform.  You can check whether the program you are currently using is guarding your computer from unfriendly viruses or use it as a guide as to what company you feel will better protect you.



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