Word has been buzzing that Apple plans to release a car by 2020.  Which probably isn’t too surprising seeing as Apple is one of the biggest companies in the tech world.  Always bringing the latest and most innovative products to market, it was only a matter of time they would take things on to a more grand scale.  9 to 5 Mac came up with some details of what we can most likely expect when it comes to the Apple car.  You can almost guarantee that it will be electric and packed with the most high tech features you could possibly imagine.  The car industry as a whole is heading into that direction as is so it’s not a huge leap to expect that from Apple.  Incorporating your iPhone with your daily usage of your vehicle could open up the doors to a whole wealth of information and innovation.  The hopes for a self-driving car aren’t too farfetched these days.  Google has been working on the technology for it for some time now.  The dream of being to relax on your long commute home while your car handles the traffic may be more realistic than some think.  While we may not be quite there just yet, the thought of the advancing technology is quite exciting.  Just think, we already have vehicles that can control speed, offer emergency braking and some that can even self-park.  You can also be sure to expect a beautiful design whether it takes the form of a sports car or something for more practical everyday use.  Cars are only becoming smarter and more advanced as time goes on so we can understand the excitement and eagerness to see what Apple has in store.  Unfortunately we don’t have many solid details just yet but we can keep thinking of all the wonderful ways they could wow us.

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