compared Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV to us a better understanding of what each media streaming device can offer us.  They compared the devices on a variety of categories such as user interface, movies & television, music, gaming, and more.  Make sure to check out their full article for all the comparisons and details.

User Interface

The user interface for any device is a really important factor to customers.  It basically can be the deciding feature when comparing options. compared the user interface and design between the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV and did see a difference between the two.  They described that Apple TV showed a list of app icons that are customizable through the settings.  The first row of icons stay static but any other icons can be moved around or hidden.  If you are already comfortable with the iOS interface than you will quickly adapt to the Apple TV design.

They did share that the Amazon Fire TV menu was slightly different with using a vertical menu.  Users do have the ability to search rather quickly using the voice search command versus typing in queries.  It has a very simple interface and design to it which allows the user to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  The speed of going through the menu items is very fast, impressive even.  Apple TV may be experiencing some lag time due to a needed software update; so for that detail they suggested that Amazon Fire TV came out on top.

Movies and Television

Apple and Amazon have an incredibly large variety of top movies and TV shows to offer users.  In this particular category, it really depends on the personal preference of the customer.  For loyal Amazon Prime subscribers, they know that they often are able to get access to movies before iTunes users.  If you are an Apple enthusiast, all your content you have bought on iTunes will be available to you via the Cloud.  Anything you have bought in the past will be accessible through Apple TV.  So, in the case of movies and television both media streaming systems are equally beneficial.


With the Apple TV service, you can utilize iTunes Radio, iTunes match, and AirPlay as well as hundreds of other stations.  Amazon Fire TV allows you to use VEVO, Pandora, and iHeartRadio, with more on the way.  At this very moment, Apple TV does have a leg up on Amazon Fire TV with the music category.

Gaming compared each device’s gaming ability and saw some significant factors to take into consideration.  Amazon Fire TV does offer a gaming controller made specifically for the device although it is not required to play all the games.  You can even use the remote that comes with the system by default to enjoy some of the games.  Apple TV does not come with games automatically, but you are able to play an iPad or iPhone games on your TV screen via AirPlay.  Considering the options straight out of the box, Amazon takes the cake on this one.

While the results I have shared here do not come out with a conclusive decision of which media streaming device is truly superior, goes into more depth to offer a potential customer more insight.  One thing to consider is that these two are not your only options.  The Roku and Chromecast are still strong contenders, and who’s to say something is definitely better than another?  It really does ultimately come down to personal preference, their full article offers a lot of information that you can take into consideration when making this decision.    

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