Molly Watt is a 19 year old who goes through life with Usher Syndrome.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), Usher Syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects one’s hearing and vision.

For Molly Watt, she is near deaf and her vision is basically like looking through a straw out of one eye.  So imagine going through life with the daily struggles of such a difficult disorder.  Patients use certain tools to help assist them such as hearing aids, a cane, and a guide dog.  Just imagine how technology can come into the mix and help them out even more.  On her blog, Molly shares her thoughts about her new Apple Watch.  It is probably going to be the most interesting Apple Watch review you’ll ever read.  She explains how the smartwatch helps guide her throughout the day, allows her to communicate with family or friends if she cannot verbally, and how easy it was for her to setup and start playing around with right away.  The video on the homepage of her blog gives you an inside look on how someone with Usher Syndrome feels.  It’s definitely an interesting way to think about technology, using it to help those with medical conditions that affect their daily life.  To some it may just be the cool new gadget right now, but for others such as Molly; it is something so much more.  It gives her more freedom and independence, and allows her to keep up with the newest technology.  Make sure to check out her blog here, and her Apple Watch review here.

*Thank you Molly Watt for sharing your story with everyone around the world and inspiring others to be more aware of what those with Usher Syndrome (and other syndromes or genetic disorders) may be going through.

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