Stand by Nomad

For those of you who will be sporting the Apple Watch soon, you’ll want to take a look at charging stands.  Nomad’s precision machined aluminum charging stand comes in space grey and silver and has a futuristic and sleek look.  These stands go for $59.95 and will begin shipping on April 30th.   According to their website, Stand from Nomad is made from “a solid piece of extruded, aircraft grade, precision CNC’d aluminum. And its machined non-visible cable routing channel sits discretely on its backside, creating a stealthy passageway for your Apple Watch charging cable.”  It is anchored down with copper within the base so you’ll be able to rest assured your watch is safely sitting on the stand no matter where you put it.  It also has high friction rubber for a non slip grip that won’t quit.  You will get the durability and convenience as well as the sleek and beautiful design you crave.

WatchStand by Griffin

Another good option for a reliable Apple Watch Stand is WatchStand from Griffin.  This option is a little bit more affordable at $29.99 and you can sign up now to be kept posted on release date and shipping information.  The design is nice and simple yet versatile. They let you charge your watch however you prefer to; you can lay it vertically and leave the band open or close the band and place it on the stand horizontally.   You can’t disagree that messy cables are an eye sore, WatchStand allows you to wind up an excess cord around the core of the stand and hide it discreetly within the post.  No bulk, no excess cord, and no tangles.  It even has a spot for your iPhone so when you turn in for the night you can keep everything all in one place so it’s easy to grab on your way out the next morning.

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