It’s safe to say that everyone has a liking for tasty food.  But there are some who take this “liking” to a whole other level.  Food lovers or “Foodies” aren’t the type to eat just for nutrition; they eat for the experience and the experience that the chef is trying to offer their patrons.  These apps are great for any Foodie out there, if they aren’t already been using them.

Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews

Urbanspoon, which has moved to Zomato, is a well-known Foodie community where you can follow other Foodies to get inspiration, find new places to try out, and share your experiences and thoughts with others.  Their FREE app allows you to do all that while on the go! Discover new restaurants and cuisines all around you, explore the city and let your taste buds go wild.  Browse through  countless menus and photos to see what gets your mouth watering; you can even book a table restaurants that work with OpenTable (US), Dimmi (Australia), or Bookatable (UK).  Use the other users’ reviews and critiques to decide what you’ll try for your next meal adventure.  You can download Urbanspoon for FREE from the Google Play Store and iTunes.


Foodspotting is about finding dishes that will really satisfy your taste buds.  Often times it’s seeing something that looks so delicious that will get your tummy rumbling and the craving starts to kick in.  You can find anything and everything on Foodspotting keeping your world of food full of tasty options.  You can keep track of what you have tried and vote for the ones you loved.  Place bookmarks on dishes you want to try later on and see what your friends are tasting along with top notch experts.  It’s available for FREE to download on Google Play and iTunes.

Eat St

If you’re a Foodie who is always on the go, Eat St is the app for you!  Just because you don’t have an hour to sit down at a restaurant doesn’t mean you should sacrifice a worthy meal.  Eat St helps you find the most satisfying eats on the go.  Street food has gained a lot of popularity recently and The Food Network’s Eat St TV series has created this app to keep the enthusiasm alive.  The app displays local dishes and the trucks/carts who will have them cooking for you.  Creativity in food is not only fun, but it can make for some tasty results.  Check out Eat St and download it now for FREE from Google Play and iTunes.

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