We’ve all had one of those nights where you may have had too much to drink and maybe you call or text someone you shouldn’t.  But do we really need an app to prevent us from making complete fools of ourselves???  There are many versions to the “Drunk Dial” app that will help you from making monumental mistakes!!! Really guys? It’s not that serious.  Some will block specific contacts’ information for up to 48 hours so that you can rest assured you won’t call them up and say something embarrassing; or some will mix up the numbers on your dialer making it near impossible to call anyone in the middle of your drunken shenanigans.  This is getting filed under Appsolutely Stupid because I think we can take a little responsibility and drink like mature adults, or face the consequences for getting drunk and calling someone you know you shouldn’t.  Here are some examples of these apps that will help prevent you from embarrassing yourself during a night on the town:

Drunk Blocker (Android)

Drunk Lock (Android)

Drunk Dial No! Block Mistakes! And Chat! (iPhone)

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