If you have a love for popping bubble wrap, like most people do, then a Bubble Wrap app is exactly what you need.  I found two versions, one for iOS and one for Android, and they both simulate the satisfactory sound of popping bubble wrap to your heart’s content.  Both apps are FREE to download so you can begin popping right away.  Bubble Wrap for Android lists endless amount of bubble wrap (all for FREE), a counter to keep track of how many bubbles you have popped, real sound effects, and more!   The Bubble Wrap available on iTunes offers 3 different ways to play: Blitz Pop gives you one minute to see how many bubbles you can pop; Pop 500 challenges you to see how quickly you can pop 500 bubbles; and Pop All allows you to see how fast you can pop an entire sheet of Bubble Wrap.  While this app may seem like it brings back some good old memories for many of us and we would probably get a kick out of it for about 10 minutes, it is still listed under Appsolutely Stupid because it is a pretty useless app.  So if you’re interested, you can download the Android version and the iOS version both for FREE.

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