The apps that were made to be featured in Appsolutely Stupid are the ones that make me question “Why???”  Why would someone waste time and money to create such a weird or useless app? Why would people download (and sometimes even pay for) it?  This week we have a prime example of an Appsolutely Stupid app.  Electric Shaver is an app that makes the noises and vibrations that an electric shaver would.  Your screen will display the shaver and you can turn it on and off.  That’s it.  The description for the iPhone version, Electric Razor, shares that you can “make your friends think that you’re shaving!” If anyone believes you’re shaving because you use this app, you should not be friends with them. NO.   Electric Shaver is available for download for Free from Google Play and Electric Razor is also for Free from the App Store.

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Don’t take technology too seriously; it should be fun and enjoyable! If it's funny, weird, or crazy then I'm sure I would love it!

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