We’ve all seen those shows or movies when someone fakes a phone call to get out of a socially awkward situation and their acting is so unbelievable that we wonder how the other party even fell for it.  (Even though we are fully aware that it is “acting” and these shows or movies we are watching are not real life.) The point is, sometimes you may need to rely on your acting skills to get yourself out of a situation one day.  The difference will be how realistic you can make it look with this app, Fake-A-Call Free.  I mean, I guess you could be mature and just explain you need to leave or give some sort of reason why you can’t do something for someone at that very moment, but where’s the fun in that?  Fake-A-Call Free allows you to schedule fake incoming calls to help you get out of awkward or unfavorable situations easily.  You can even record your voice as the voice on the other end of the line so that it’s more believable that you have an actual phone call.  So no more awkward dates that seem to never end or boring catch up sessions with acquaintances you really don’t care about; just set up your fake call and you’re set free!  This app might actually come in handy…… unless you’re a normal mature adult who can act appropriately in social situations.  Fake-A-Call Free is available on Google Play and the App Store


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