Do you ever wonder how much battery life your phone has left?  Got Juice? is an app that can tell you exactly how much your phone has before it hits 0%…. although reviews often stated that it wasn’t very accurate.  The reason why I put it in this week’s installment of “Appsolutely Stupid” is because, well…. your phone tells you your battery level right on the top of the screen. So why would you need a third party app to tell you??  It’s list of features on the App Store state:

-Easy on the eyes, with animation
-Landscape or Portrait
-Battery charge percentage displayed to the nearest 5%
-Proprietary low power operation for faster battery charging while app is running

So it’s basically a bigger animation of your battery icon that’s always on your screen, and it even admits it won’t be completely accurate.  But instead of glancing at your battery icon, you would rather open an app to find out if you need to plug your phone in?  It just doesn’t make sense!  Surprisingly there are a lot of versions of this app available from Google Play and the App Store; this particular app Got Juice? is available for Free from the App Store.

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