This week’s Appsolutely Stupid technically is not an app, but I definitely had to share it!  Ladies and gentleman, you may need to take a seat…..this is some pretty shocking stuff…..  There is a website that will create a fake girlfriend or boyfriend for you so that others will believe you’re in a relationship.  It’s called Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend.

Let that soak in for a minute.

Complete with text conversations and photos, you can carry on a fully functioning “fake relationship”.  The service is still in beta so for the Invisible Girlfriend so you will need to request an invite before you can begin building your pretend love story.  As for the Invisible Boyfriend, the packages are listed as “coming soon” so unfortunately it is not immediately available.   I’m curious to see how much these packages will go for and what kind of results people will get.  I mean…. Would people actually sign up for this?  Why not just try to get a real life boyfriend or girlfriend?  This is just too incredible to keep to myself, I had to share with my Geeksters!

Sample text messages

Sample text messages

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