This week I chose these two apps because they were actually removed from the App Store due to falsely advertising that they could detect Melanoma.  MelApp and Mole Detective (Android version still available on Google Play for $4.98) both claim to be able to diagnose whether or not a user has Melanoma.  The Federal Trade Commission has challenged the creators for deceiving users and giving misleading information.  The creators of MelApp have agreed to settlements that will keep them from making such outrageous and untrue claims, but the creators behind Mole Detective have not come to any agreements at the moment.

Geeksters, it all comes down to common sense.  When it comes to something as serious as a health condition, please consult with your doctor.  You need a professional opinion not one from an app on your phone.  Usually these weekly posts are meant for fun and laughs, but to have such ridiculous apps out there such as these is not funny.  Take care of yourselves Geeksters!

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