If you have ever had trouble falling asleep, your parents or grandparents may have suggested to try counting sheep.  Simple, right?  Well we’re living in a high tech era so there’s gotta be an app for everything, why not one for counting sheep?!  Sleep Sheep for Android is a simple app that features a plain black screen with a small fence and a bit of grass and lets you count until your heart’s content.  Super Sleep Sheep Count for iOS is a little more sophisticated but has the same general idea.  You count the sheep as you fling them over the fence while listening to soothing bedtime tunes.  It seems a little silly to need an app in order to count sheep to fall asleep when you could simply use your imagination, but some might argue that it does help them fall asleep faster.  Sleep Sheep is available for FREE on Google Play, and Super Sleep Sheep Count is FREE as well on the App Store.

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