Word around the water cooler is that Google has been brewing up something new.  Seems that our ever so improving Google is working on an app that will automatically connect your device to a public Wifi hotspot without having to enter in login credentials.  They’ve been working and testing for the app to be available on iOS and Android.  Google announced not too long ago that they had a deal with various Starbucks locations all throughout the United States to provide them Wifi.  This may be where they will test if the app works correctly.  How convenient would that be if upon entering your favorite Starbucks, you automatically connect to the Wifi and don’t have to use up all your data?  If this proves to be successful then they don’t plan on sticking with just Starbucks; they have their eyes set on setting up more Google Wifi hotspots throughout different stores and restaurants all over the United States and Canada.  Since most people have a Gmail account, some are speculating that those credentials could be used to authenticate your device to prevent having to manually log in.  Good idea Google! I hope we get to see this soon!

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