With many Geeksters heading back to school, we thought we should put together a little list of some great back to school accessories.  Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your kids, it’s important to have the right gear when starting the new school year so you can aim for success! 

Let’s start off with battery packs; they’re extremely helpful when you’re out and about all day running from class to class and have no time to sit next to a wall to charge.  We’ve reviewed some awesome battery packs and we still love and recommend them to anyone, especially students.

Jackery Giant +

The Jackery Giant + is definitely one of our faves.  We loved reviewing it for the website and still love using it to this day.  It’s got enough power, 12,000 mAh to be exact, to keep you going all day and can give you more than just one full charge.  See the image below for number of charges for different types of phones.  It’s got 2 USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time, and a LED flashlight.  The Jackery Giant + is built to last with the aluminum product case, but doesn’t sacrifice style for practicality.  It’s a good looking battery pack that you can proudly show off no matter where you are; you can choose between 4 beautiful colors to match your own personal style.  It measures in at L4.3 in x W3.1 in X H0.8 in and weighs 10.4 ounces so you can see that it’s bit bigger than some portable battery packs, but it’s packing a lot of power and for the amount of power you get, it’s actually not that big or heavy.  If you feel that you may not need that much power for the day, check out their other products that also promise to provide you convenience and style.   The Jackery Fit (7800 mAh), Jackery Bar (6000 mAh), and Jackery Mini (3200 mAh) are all great battery packs to have to keep you charged all day!  The Jackery Giant + is available to purchase from the Jackery Store or Amazon for just $29.99!

Intocircuit Power Castle

We were lucky enough to test out and review the Intocircuit 2nd Generation Power Castle that boasted 15000 mAh a while back.  Unfortunately, this specific version of the battery pack is “Currently unavailable” for purchase at the moment, so we are going to focus on the Intocircuit Power Castle with a still impressive 11200 mAh of battery power.  It can give you multiple full charges and has dual USB ports to charge 2 devices at the same time, both at the same speed.  It has a clean aluminum alloy shell and blue LCD display which tells you exactly how much power your Power Castle has left.  That comes in handy when you want to know how much power you have the get you through the day, and will only need to plug it in to recharge when necessary.  It also comes with a built in flashlight feature and a nice travel pouch to keep your cable and battery pack together.    You can purchase the 11200 mAh Intocircuit Power Castle from Amazon for just $22.99!

Anker Astro E7

The Anker Astro E7 packs in a ton of power into a small and slim body; an impressive 25600 mAh of power in just a 6.5 × 3.1 × 0.9in frame.  Anker is a reliable name in mobile accessories so it’s no surprise that many people including business men and women, students, and everyday folks all love and trust the brand.  The PowerIQ amp-adjustment technology identifies what device you plug in to provide optimum charging, allowing you to keep up with your busy day and never worry about slowing down.  There is enough power in this portable battery pack to charge the iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S6 over 6 times!  It’s a high quality accessory to have on you in case your phone or device is running low in power.  It has 3 USB ports so no matter what you need to charge, you’re set to go.  It may cost you a little more than some battery packs, but it is definitely worth it; you can purchase the Anker Astro E7 for $79.99 on Amazon.

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