With many Geeksters heading back to school, we thought we should put together a little list of some great back to school accessories.  Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your kids, it’s important to have the right gear when starting the new school year so you can aim for success! 

The next accessory we wanted to focus on is external hard drives.  Now this may not be a necessary accessory for younger students, but it is an extremely important one for those in high school or college.  You have an entire school year of notes, research, and papers ahead of you; the last thing you want or need is to run out of storage space.  Check these out to keep your laptop running at top speed and have peace of mind all your documents are safe.

Western Digital My Passport Pro (Mac) and My Passport Ultra (PC)

Western Digital is definitely a trusted name in the external hard drive world.  They have amazing options for your Mac or PC and great alternatives if you’re looking for portable devices to take with you on the go.  We reviewed the My Passport Pro for Mac last year, and it is still one of our top choices for external storage.  Not only is high quality, but it also provides high performance.  The large yet portable external hard drive packs 4TB worth of space into an easy to pack device.  The incredible elements of the My Passport Pro are packed inside an anodized all-aluminum shell offering you a rugged exterior with a touch of style.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your documents and files are safely stored on this durable device.  The incredibly fast transfer speeds will surely impress even the biggest skeptic, and it is powered directly through your Thunderbolt portal on your MacBook.  You can purchase your My Passport Pro 2TB external hard drive for $299.99.  Normally, the My Passport Pro 4TB will cost you $399.99 but now you can get it for $349.99.

For PC users, don’t fret, Western Digital has a solution for your space saving needs as well.  Check out the My Passport Ultra, up to 3 TB of space in the palm of your hand.  The stylish and powerful external hard drive is soon to be your favorite back to school accessory.  Schedule ahead of time when you want to back up files and choose the frequency to make sure you’re on top of backing up at all times.  The My Passport Ultra can even detect which files have been updated since the initial back up, and will only upload those who have had changes made to them.  All your files will be safe and secure with the My Passport Ultra, it comes equipped with a password feature ensuring your peace of mind.   You can purchase the My Passport Ultra 500 GB for $54.99, 1TB for $64.99, 2TB for $99.99, and 3TB for $149.99 .

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable Storage

The Backup Plus Fast Portable Storage from Seagate gives you lots of space and lots of power all in one.  You can rest assured you’ll never run out of storage space with 4TB worth of available space, and with speed up to 2X that of the competition, you can transfer your files and documents at top speeds.  The metal design suits durability and stylish needs; with the ease of transferring files between Macs and PCs you will have one less task to worry about.  You will never have to worry about running out of storage space ever again with 4TB of storage space in your possession.  You can get the Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable Storage now for $199.99.

Toshiba Canvio Connect II

Toshiba’s Canvio Connect II is definitely a go-to favorite for external storage needs.  You can get up to 3TB of impressive space in such a small body, and imagine the peace of mind you’ll have during the entire academic year.  You can remotely access your backed-up files with ease and never have an issue sharing or streaming your content.  You have 3TB of capacity to fill with your documents, music, videos, and more; keep it all safe in one place to make life easy on you.  The Canvio Connect II gives you the ability to customize how you backup your files to fit your needs making it tailored perfectly to your busy life.  Never worry about protection because you can rest easy knowing your hard drive is safe with user-defined password protection, and also enjoy the ease of schedule automatic backups to run whenever you choose.  The Canvio Connect II has a sleek design and beautiful colors to choose from so you won’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.  You can purchase yours now from the Toshiba website with prices starting at $54.99.  The 500GB runs for $54.99, 1TB for $59.99, 2TB for $89.99, and 3TB for $169.99.

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