Check out these cool beer apps that will help you keep your favorites organized and even help you find some new flavors to try!  There is even a cool app for people who like to brew their own beer right at home, check it out!


Going out for a beer should be a fun and social activity.  Share your experiences trying out new places or beers with friends on Untappd.  It will also help you find nearby bars that you may have never discovered before for a new and fun experience.  You can also see where your friends are drinking and what they recommend at their favorite spots.  Use Untappd to keep track of what beers you’ve tried and where, rate your favorites, and even take and share photos with all your friends.  If you like to try new things and enjoy a good beer, Untappd is an app you will love.  Don’t stick to the same old bars and brews; try something new every time you go out! Have some fun (responsibly) and enjoy what the beer world has to offer!  Download it for Free from Google Play and the App Store now.

Pintley Beer Recommendations

Pintley offers suggestions of beer it thinks you’ll love by learning what you personally like.  They even host local beer tastings all across the country so that you have the opportunity to try new beers for free.  Pintley will give you recommendations based on your ratings and notes to give you options of beers to try the next time you go out.  Or even if you’re browsing the selection at a store, Pintley will help you to pick the perfect brew so you can have the best time.  Share all your favorites or not so favorites with friends and other beer lovers, or receive recommendations from them as well.  It’s about sharing your experiences and love for beer with other beer enthusiasts.    You can download it for Free from Google Play and the App Store.


Use the BeerCloud app to not only track down your favorite beers, but you can also see what foods pair perfectly with your favorites so you can have the ultimate beer experience.  Food and drinks go hand in hand and if you have the right combination then it makes for an incredible experience.  You can see stores or bars on maps that are currently selling your favorites so you won’t have to go searching all over town.  With so many options to choose from, beer consumers could easily miss out on some delicious brews, so BeerCloud is here to help!   BeerCloud has an extensive database of over 4,000 beers which give you information such as descriptions, taste, food pairing, strength, color, bitterness, and are even accompanied by photos.  See brewery profiles so you can see what kinds of beers are available to you.  You can scan barcodes to easily learn about each kind of beer you try and store information within the app.  If you really enjoy beer and would like to expand more of what that world has to offer, BeerCloud is a good choice of an app because you’ll get to learn about all your favorites and find new beers to try!  Download it now for free from Google Play and the App Store.


iBrewMaster is an app for those of you who actually brew your own beer.  It contains a recipe sharing network so you can share your favorite recipe with friend and other brewing enthusiasts, or learn of new and tasty recipes to try out.  There are more than 210 Northern Brewer recipes within this app that you can have access to for FREE.  iBrewMaster helps you to manage the brewing process easily within your own home.  You can add or edit current recipes, or find completely new and original recipes to try.  There are 50 pre-installed recipes on the app upon downloading and with hundreds more for FREE, you’ll never run out of recipes to try!  More recipes are available for purchase.  It’s easy to use and can come in very handy when brewing recipes in the comfort of your own home.  View batch status, store hundreds of recipes, have connections directly to suppliers for the best in special offers and share recipes among friends and other beer enthusiasts.  It’s everything you need to make the brewing process easy and fun right at your fingertips.  iBrewMaster is available for download for $4.99 from Google Play and for $9.99 on the App Store.

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