Here are a few more fun games you can play to pass the time.  No one likes to wait especially if it’s for a delayed flight or train, so have some fun and challenge yourself or your friends to get the best score.


Disney Tsum Tsum

This game is extremely cute, fun, and addicting! You’ll be hooked on Disney Tsum Tsum in no time.  All you need to do is connect chains of Tsums (the cute little Disney characters) of 3 or more by drawing a line through them.  They’ll disappear and then more Tsums will fall into your screen.  Your goal is to clear as many Tsums as you can and get the highest score in 60 seconds.  Earn coins to purchase different Tsums and use their special skills to help you get an even higher score.  There are also bonuses you can buy using your coins to help keep you on top of the leaderboard. Don’t forget to complete daily missions to earn more coins and send hearts to friends to help them out. See how many Tsums you can add to your collection and which ones work best for your style of play. Tsum Tsum is Free to download and play from the App Store and Google Play.

**Before you get started playing Tsum Tsum, you will need to download Line which is a messaging app.  It’s a complete messaging app with voice and video calls along with fun text messaging packed with emojis and stickers. You can customize exactly how you want your messages to look and have lots of fun with it.   All calls and messages are Free and available anytime anywhere.  They offer other games you can download and play with your friends so give it a try today!  Download it now from Google Play and the App Store.

Farm Heroes Saga

We all know what a huge hit Candy Crush Saga was, and don’t try to hide it you still play it all the time…. We do too!  From the geniuses that brought us our favorite Candy Crush Saga, comes Farm Heroes Saga.  It’s the same concept where you must switch and match the items to clear them but they’re cute “cropsies” instead of delicious pieces of candy.  Work with everyone on the farm to defeat the evil Rancid the Raccoon! This game is fun and will definitely keep you busy no matter how long you’re left waiting for the train or your flight.  Play with friends to see how far you can get and who can get the best score.  Don’t be fooled, this game may be cute but it can definitely be challenging as well.  You can play on Facebook, or download it today for Free from Google Play and the App Store.

Cut The Rope

If you’re looking for something a little more challenging than just connecting items or matching them, Cut The Rope just might be what you’re looking for.  Help the cute little monster get his candy by strategically cutting the rope so that it will fall perfectly into his mouth.  It may start of easy but it will get tougher as you go through the levels.  Don’t be fooled by the cute little green monster and his sweet innocent eyes, he will make you work for your gold stars and you won’t be able to go on until he has tasted sweet success.  If you’ve got some time to kill in the train station or the airport, this game will definitely make you forget you’ve been delayed for hours and keep you in good spirits.  Try it out and see how many levels you can master.  Download it for Free from Google Play and the App Store now.

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