Anything that offers protection from viruses and malware will certainly draw attention, but what if it was a scam in itself?  We can’t trust anything or anyone!! Ok, a little dramatic.  Virus Shield promises to keep you safe from malicious viruses and malware all while running quietly in the background so not to drain your battery.  For just a small fee of $3.99 you can be safe and secure, except for the fact that Android Police found out it doesn’t even do anything!  This app has gotten 10,000+ downloads and a 4.5 star review and all it actually does is change a little “X” to a check mark.  It doesn’t really scan or protect your phone or personal information.  Virus Shield has already been removed from the App Store.  When taking measures to protect yourself online, make sure to do research and ask for recommendations.   The worst feeling is thinking you’re being proactive and smart when in reality you’re just putting yourself in harm’s way.



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