Cyclemeter GPS

For the serious cyclist, you want an app that can keep up with you and help you track your rides for optimal performance.  Abvio brings you Cyclemeter GPS, the most complete and advanced cycling app for iOS (not available for Android).  This app can turn your iPhone/iPad into a fitness data tracking machine with all of its featuers.  Maps, graphs, training plans and much more.   No need to log into any websites, track and store years and years of workouts while only taking up the memory space of just a few songs, easily view workouts organized by routes or dates, and get analysis of your rides to assist in better times and technique. The list of things that this app can do can seriously go on forever; you can track your heart rate, bike speed, view maps with terrain and traffic, receive announcements during rides, and even keep up with comments from friends and followers from social media.  That is only a fraction of what this app can do.  Besides the impressive list of things you can accomplish with Cyclemeter GPS is the fact that it is free to download in the App Store.

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is the app to track your routes, log your rides, integrate between app and website, and even share via social networking.  An easy to use app that makes mapping and sharing your rides easy as 1 2 3.  You can keep track of goals you set for yourself and share your progress, watch your speed, duration, calorie burning, and distance numbers all in one place.  Making it easier than ever!  Get it for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Strava Cycling and Running GPS

The Strava Cycling and Running GPS app is made for the serious and hardworking cyclist and runner in you.  No matter what sport you use it for, you can rest assured that this app will track all your progress and help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.  With various challenges offered you can always work towards bettering yourself and easily share any progress and accomplishments with friends through social networking.  If you’re in preparation for an upcoming race, Strava is the app you want to guide you through your training process.  You can compare numbers from each workout to help you get to the next level.  It even will help you keep track of all your equipment to make sure it’s always in tip top shape.  Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, Strava is the app to keep all your rides on track.

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