Running is either your favorite way to get out and exercise, or you absolutely hate it and have come to the conclusion that you will never love it.  If you are the latter, then the folks that brought you RunKeeper has come out with the app for you!  Breeze is an app that will track your steps throughout the day by using the motion processor in the iPhone 5S.  It will keep track of your steps and then formulate a daily goal for you to aim towards.  It will also show your progress throughout the day and about when you could accomplish your goal.  Breeze can also keep track of past walks like where you went and how far.  With its simple user interface, you are able to navigate throughout the app easily which compared to other pedometer apps is a nice feature.  Another nice feature is that it will send you notifications to motivate you throughout the day on your progress or motivate you to continue working towards your goal.  There are future plans to have both Breeze and Runkeeper come together but as of right now, they are separate apps.  Breeze is currently only available on iOS (iPhone 5S to be specific) and are looking to expand into other smartphones in the future.  There are many possibilities for the future of this app, but right now the CEO Jason Jacobs feel they should focus what’s on hand at the moment and leave the possibilities to be thought about later.   If you’re looking for that extra little motivational push, you can download Breeze for Free in the App Store right now!


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