Being prepared is the best way to enjoy your outdoor adventure.  Be safe and aware at all times.  Check out these gadgets that might come in handy.



For the adventurer that likes to really go deep into the woods, the SPOT Gen3 would be a wise gadget to have handy.  The SPOT Gen3 is a tracking device that you can use to assure your friends and family you are always safe, and if you ever need help it is a way to call in case of emergencies.  Often times camping trips or hiking adventures will take you away from cellular service, and if there were an emergency it would be difficult to get any kind of help.  The SPOT Gen3 is the solution to all of that.  First, it tracks your location and others can be informed of your location periodically or they can follow online in real time.  When leaving cellular service, contacts you choose will be alerted with a preset message you create.  It is also really useful because if you are in any sort of trouble and need help as soon as possible, the SPOT Gen3 has a S.O.S. button.  With a push of that button, GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center will send your GPS coordinates to authorities letting them know there is an emergency that requires their attention.  So if you plan to explore and travel far from home and cell service, it may be smart to have a SPOT Gen3 with you to keep you safe.  The SPOT Gen3 is available on their website normally for $149.95, but is on sale for a limited time for $99.95.



Eton Scorpion

The list of features for the Eton Scorpion is quite impressive.  Digital AM/FM radio, NOAA Weather band, LED flashlight, large solar panel, crank powered, USB cell phone charger, AUX, aluminum carabineer, IPX-4 splash proof from all angles, and bottle opener.  It does all of these things AND it is durable and tough so it can withstand the rugged outdoors, and it does not need any batteries.  It runs off of solar power or crank power, so you won’t have to worry about being stranded anywhere if you batteries die out.  There is so much in this one gadget you will definitely want to have one of these with you on your next trip.  You can get one for just $49.99 on their website.


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