Sonos and Korus Review

Sonos and Korus are two high quality brands and when it comes to home audio, you know they will definitely deliver.  Read on to see how both Sonos and Korus can really liven up not just your party, but your...

Review: Jabra Solemate Max

Our incredible friends at Jabra have a top of the line wireless speaker from their Solemate series.  The Solemate Max delivers great sound quality and offers sturdy portability which is a must have for...
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iHome Audio: iBN26

Hello all my sweet Geekster friends!  I’ve been trying out iHome Audio’s wireless Bluetooth iBN26 speaker and want to share all about it with you!  As you know, around the Geek office I am one busy bee...
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Wifoto: Wireless Cloud Storage

So I recently had a big family party to celebrate someone’s birthday and let me tell you, amongst all my aunts, uncles, and my cousins we had hundreds of pictures to share!  Luckily, Modish had sent me a...
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OutFront Eyewear: Jamie

When looking for the right pair of computer glasses, I came across many styles that I just felt did not really resemble my personal taste.  For something that I will probably have to wear on a daily basis, it...

Gunnar Optiks: Joule

In my research for relief of Computer Vision Syndrome, I came across Gunnar Optiks; an eyewear brand whose products are designed and well known for extended digital device use.  I quickly found out that...