Beeline Cases are really going to change the way you feel about bringing your smartphone outdoors with you on adventures.  This line of iPhone cases are truly built to be tough and withstand the outdoors.  The double layer case really offers strength and durability to keep your phone safe and scratch free.  Don’t worry about the case adding too much bulk to your phone, it’s still sleek and smooth so it can slide in and out of your pocket with ease.  To make it even more rugged, it has an “ultra tough” carabiner that’s attached a 30 inch long non-fraying Kevlar cord.  Anchor your phone wherever it’s the most convenient for you and go about your adventure with full assurance that your phone is secure and safe.  The Beeline cases come in a variety of colors and designs for iPhone 5/6/6+ and start at $59.99.   So before you head out on your next rugged journey, make sure you’ve got a reliable case protecting your iPhone.

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