Simply put, people don’t want to pay for something they don’t necessarily need or use.  Dish is introducing Sling TV, a pay TV service for $20/month where you only get the channels you truly want and only pay for what you get.  No more paying for all those channels that you don’t even watch.  Save money and enjoy TV once again.  Watch all your favorite shows via a web browser, on your smartphone, tablet, streaming devices, or smart TV.  You will start off with a package of 12 cable channels and have the option to expand and add on more favorites, but only if you want to.  Each year the cable companies are making you pay more and more for channels you’ve never watched, and don’t plan to watch.  Leading to and understandable frustration; so naturally only have to pay for what you watch sounds like an excellent solution.  That’s why Dish is eager to launch Sling TV and start making customers and TV lovers happy.  Word is that it’s set to launch “early this year” and if all goes well, other companies could start to offer the same kind of service saving their customers a lot of money and frustration.


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