eGee Touch is a smart luggage lock that is approved by the TSA and a much safer alternative than other locks available out there.  TSA authorities in all US airports have a designated master key to be able to unlock eGee Touch so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you forgot to lock/unlock your luggage.  Luggage that have locks already built in can be easily broken and are very unreliable to keep your belongings safe.  No keys or combos to remember, eGee Touch uses sophisticated technologies to keep your luggage secure.  Use your smart device with eGee Touch to see how easy and hassle free travelling can be.  Simply pair your smartphone with eGee Touch and you’re set to go.  All your belongings will be kept safe and secure.  You can also use factory pre-paired NFC smart tag to unlock your luggage, a pre-paired NFC Tag Sticker that you can place in your wallet, or a back up mechanical key.  No matter what type of travel you will be doing this year, make sure you have eGee Touch to keep all your belongings safe while you travel.  And never have the headache of being unable to remember a random code that you can easily forget.  eGee Touch promises over 3 years of battery life so you can use eGee Touch with peace of mind and enjoy travelling without the annoying hassle of worrying about your lock battery life.

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