Getting children to do certain chores can be difficult.  That’s why the team at Grush have come up with a fun way to get them interested in properly cleaning their teeth.  They’ve turned the boring task of brushing your teeth into a fun game for kids; making it easier for them to form healthy brushing habits as they get older.  Grush is a smart toothbrush that works with an app that you can download onto your smartphone.  Kids will be interacting with the app while brushing their teeth and it will collect important data that will be useful to you and your child’s dentist.  Grush will retail for $59 and is expected to begin shipping within the first quarter of 2015.  Included when you purchase a Grush is 1 toothbrush, 1 smartphone holder for safe and easy viewing of your smartphone in the bathroom, 2 replacement brush heads, Grush games, and the parent mobile app that allows you see information collected from the Grush.  Check them out now and pre order your Grush today!

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