Kiqplan offers you different plans to help you achieve your fitness goals.  It uses your daily stats including calories consumed, steps taken, and distance traveled to get you where you want to be.  Kiqplan uses all that information to really help you see results and accomplish your goals.   With Kiqplan, you will get activity, nutrition, and sleep targets that are specifically set for you so you get a truly personal plan to help you succeed.  You also have access to weekly workout videos and tutorials from only the top trainers so you can be sure you’re getting the very best.  Motivation and support is available to really back you up and give you confidence in your plan.  You also get healthy recipes and tips to really help you kick bad habits and stay on track to a healthy lifestyle.  Track achievements and your progress to see how far you’ve come; you can even earn rewards or badges for all your hard work.  Share your progress and see how others have achieved success; and friendly reminders make sure you don’t take a step back.   Plans start at just $19.99 and there is a plan that will fit any lifestyle from getting rid of that beer belly, to losing the post pregnancy weight.


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