Looking for a great tablet created just for kids?  Then look no further than the Kurio Xtreme.   With Kurio Motion which is available exclusively on the Kurio Xtreme tablet, you get to experience first person single player body controlling movement.  At CES 2015, they introduced Kurio Motion 2.0 which had 10 games featured and 8 new multi player Kurio Motion 2.0 games.  Kids will jump, run, and move to play these games and they can either take turns competing against each other or play side by side to compare scores.    Kurio Xtreme brings the games to life and puts kids right into the action.  You get so much more than just a tablet when you purchase Kurio Xtreme.  This tablet allows your children to safely surf the web so you won’t have to worry about what they are looking at online.  You can set different web viewing filters to make sure they are being safe and out of harms way.  There are thousands of kid friendly apps to choose from to fully load the tablet to their individual taste, and there is customer care available 24/7 just in case you ever need any help.  Kurio Xtreme is available for $129.99.


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