Noke, pronounced no-key, is a smart lock that will truly simplify the way you secure your possessions.  It works with an app you can download onto your iOS or Android device and pairs via Bluetooth 4.0.  It’s sleek and small just like an ordinary padlock, only better.  It’s still strong and reliable so you can rest assured knowing your valuables will be safe.  It’s water resistant so you won’t have to worry about it in any climate, and has a long battery life of at least one year.  It’s easy to setup and use; you can even set specific settings if you need to share access with friends.  What if you don’t have your phone with you or your phone battery dies out?  No worries, you can set a custom access code of short or long taps on the Noke itself to unlock it.  FUZ Designs even offer a Bike Kit that includes a custom chain and bike mount so you can use Noke on your ride no matter where you go.  The Bike Kit retails for $79.99 for 1 Noke lock and $74.99 each for 2.  You can Pre-Order Noke now for 1 at $59.99 or 2 at $54.99 each, shipping will begin in April 2015.

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