Okidokeys are opening up the world of smart locks for your home.  At CES 2015 they introduced their line of smart locks and keys and it’s proving to be a very impressive line.  Okidokeys is easy to install into the interior of your front door as long as you have an existing ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt.  You will not need to do any drilling or wiring to install.  With the Okidokeys smart lock, you can unlock your door with  any Bluetooth 4.9 enabled smartphone via the Okidokeys app which is available for Android and iOS.  You can choose from 6 different unlocking methods such as “Hands-free mode” which automatically unlocks when the authorized user comes close to the lock. If you install the Okidokeys Smart-Reader, you can allow access to guests easily and they will be able to choose different options that work best for them.  They can use their own smartphone, smart tags, or even traditional metal keys.  If your smartphone battery ever happens to die out while you’re out, don’t worry about being locked out of your house, you can use a credit card sized RFID card that will fit discreetly in your wallet or purse in case of emergencies.  The great thing about being able to give access to friends or others is that you can revoke the access anytime.  So if you’re going out of town and need to allow access to your housekeeper or pet-sitter, you won’t have to worry about them always having access to your home anytime after that.  They’ll only be able to get in when you want them to.  Through the app and web portal, you’ll be alerted anytime your door is being operated; that’s great for parents who want to make sure their children get home from school safely.  You’ll also be alerted when someone who is not authorized access to unlock your door attempts to enter your house.   You can really get security and peace of mind with Okidokeys.

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