Is your wallet overflowing with cards? Debit cards, credit cards, stamp cards from your favorite restaurants, even gift cards?

Y Combinator has come up with a solution that could possibly change the way we pay.  They have built a prototype called “Coin”.  It is one card that holds all of your cards and their information.   No more carrying a bulky wallet or fumbling in your bag to find your debit card.   Simply swipe any card you want to store on your Coin via the attachment included and snap a picture of the card so that you can identify it and you are set to go.   When you want to pay, you simply click a button to choose which card you want to use and then the Coin just needs to be swiped like any other card.  It will even alert you if you leave your Coin behind.  By using Bluetooth low energy, you will receive a notification on your phone if you have forgotten your Coin somewhere.   Could this really be the solution to our problems? Let us know what you think!

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