There has been a lot of talk about in app purchases;  some parents feel that they are misleading to their children and result in them receiving ridiculous amounts of transactions on their phone bill each month.  Kids may not understand what they are clicking on  actually costs money.  Now parents can make sure they know what their kids are spending by using Oink.

Oink is an app that allows parents to set up individual accounts for their children where they can assign a certain amount of money for them to spend.  This app can also help teach your children about financial responsibility early on.  Oink can also be used for purchases from websites because it is safe and secure for checkout. Easily monitor what your kids are spending and where.

Parents will really like the fact that the website also offers some great tips on how to discuss and encourage smart buying, saving, and responsibility.  It’s never too early to teach children about the importance of responsibility with money.  As of right now, Oink is only available on the Apple App Store.



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