Ever been in the middle of the best dream you have ever had and all of a sudden you are rudely woken up by a text message?  Did you know that you can prevent that from happening? You can set your iPhone on “Do Not Disturb” so that calls or notifications are silenced and won’t wake you or interrupt you.  However, if there are contacts that you want to be able to get a hold of you, you can change a setting to do so.  There is also an option that if someone calls twice within three minutes then the call will go through, in case of an emergency.

Under Settings, just tap to activate the Do Not Disturb mode and you will see a moon icon has appeared to show that this feature is currently on.  This is also where you can manage other settings such as who is able to contact you or if you prefer to have no one to have that ability.  Another helpful thing about this is that you can set what time you want your phone to automatically turn on/off the Do Not Disturb mode, otherwise don’t forget to turn it off or you won’t get any calls or messages!

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