C’mon people, is it really so hard to look at your phone to see who’s calling?   You have your phone on you 24/7 already.  People are just lazy, that’s what it is. Too lazy to take your phone out of your pocket or pick it up off the desk.  Have you seen these things? They’re ugly.  When I buy a watch, I make sure it is something that I want to be seen wearing.  Regular watches you can keep for years and it will still look good; a smart watch, give it 3 months tops and you’ll be behind in technology and won’t want to be caught wearing it in public; or you’ll just get bored of it.  There is always something new coming out or being updated it’s too hard to keep up!  You want to look like Inspector Gadget talking to your watch next time someone calls?  Go right ahead; be my guest.  Me? No thank you.  I will stick to looking at my phone, which I paid good money for so I might as well use it.


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Technology is getting ridiculous! They just want to complicate everything and it’s annoying! Growing up we played outside until the sun went down, nowadays kids are glued to their screens and it's all thanks to technology.

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