Equil allows you to turn any notes or drawings into digital renderings.  You can write and draw like you normally would and be able to save, share, organize, and customize digitally.  It doesn’t matter what you’re working on, you can turn anything you create into something you can send to colleagues and others in a snap.  The Smartpen2 comes with a receiver that you just have to place on the top of your paper surface and you can instantly begin saving your notes or drawings to the Equil app.  You don’t need to worry about getting any special paper or ink, the Smartpen2 works on any type of paper and uses standard replaceable ball point ink cartridges.  The receiver is rechargeable for up to 8 hours of battery life so you can take all the notes you need no matter if you’re on the go or in countless meetings.  Both pieces are small and portable and come with a convenience case so it’s easy to carry with you everywhere you go.  Smartpen2 is now available for $169.99.

If you are looking to collaborate on a larger scale, Equil is introducing Smartmarker their solution for digitizing notes and drawings from a whiteboard.  With Smartmarker you can capture all your notes and drawings as well as live stream them as you go for an interactive presentation experience.  This takes brainstorming to a much larger scale, literally, you can create notes up to 16 feet in width.  The possibilities are endless.  Again, with Smartmarker you don’t need to purchase any new whiteboards or special markers, the sensor and Smartmarker sleeve will turn any whiteboard surface into a smart surface and any whiteboard marker into a Smartmarker.  Smartmarker will be available for purchase soon.


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