A polar vortex brings on some freezing cold temperatures and you don’t want to get left out in the cold with frozen fingers!  ESKINZ are designed to allow you to turn any pair of gloves you own into touch screen friendly gloves.  Don’t risk the dangers of exposing yourself to extreme temperatures, use ESKINZ to help you get through this freezing winter phenomenon.

ESKINZ are fast and easy to apply to any pair of gloves you already own.  Don’t worry about having to go out and spend money on fancy and expensive touch screen gloves; make your favorite pair work with your smart devices.  Simply apply the adhesive to your gloves and you’re set to go!  Right now TheTechGeek has a special coupon code for all our Geeksters!!! You can get a set of ESKINZ for just $4.99; just go to TheTechGeek Store and enter POLARVORTEX at checkout!

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