Ethan Gliechtenstein is the creator of Rubcam which allows users to take photos by rubbing their screen.  He is also the mastermind behind the Ethan app.  The sole purpose of this app is to message him, need an opinion or a suggestion?  Ask Ethan.  Gliechtenstein explained why he created the app: “I wanted a fast way for my friends to message me —  simply by opening the app —  which is the only feature of the app. I’ve been off Facebook for a while so this is one way for people to reach me. Plus I own all the data. Also I can cut off annoying people easily if I wanted to.”  You can ask him anything, advice on life issues, what outfit looks better, what new music to check out etc…  The website for the app explains how the app works and what you can do/expect from the app (see featured image above).  It’s such a simple concept and could be very amusing.  Do you want a completely honest and outside perspective or opinion on something?  Ask Ethan.  The Ethan app is free to download from the App Store, and the Rubcam app is free as well.

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