Samsung made a very exciting announcement this morning, they introduced their Galaxy Note 4! With a stronger, sleeker design the Galaxy Note 4 is sure to turn some heads.  It wows with a metal frame and flaunts a sturdy yet light weight feel.  With a 5.7 inch high resolution screen and a much better battery life than the Note 3, the Note 4 is surely on many people’s wish list.  It has a 16 mega pixel rear camera and a 3.7 mega pixel front facing camera to take some breath taking photos.  An exact release date was not shared, but it has been mentioned we can look forward to seeing it later on this year.

Samsung had quite a busy morning because they also announced their Galaxy Note Edge which will have a curved touchscreen.  It’s got a sharper display than the Note 4 but it is a tiny bit smaller at just 5.6 inches.  The seamless look of the Edge will really capture Samsung lovers all over and the fact that you can continue working without disruption from notifications or incoming calls is a big plus.  The Note Edge will not be available to US cellular carries.

And why stop there?  Samsung also announced the Gear S, their smartwwatch that many have been eagerly awaiting.  With its 2 inch curved display, 3G connectivity, 4GB worth of storage space, and GPS location tracking, it’s no wonder people are excited.  Not to mention the heart rate sensor within the band and the fact that the battery life on the Gear S will last you up to two entire days.  No price point was released but word has it that it will begin shipping in October.

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