You’ve been hearing about it for quite some time now, the Facebook Messenger app.  Many have been hesitant to download and begin using it when they can easily continue to chat with friends in the main Facebook app.  Well, soon that will no longer be an option for users.  On Monday, Facebook announced that they have moved into the last phase of removing messaging from their main app.  If you want to continue to chat with friends, you will have to download the separate Messenger app to do so.  They began rolling out the messaging only app to certain European countries back in April and are now rolling out this requirement to the rest of the globe.  Facebook is working towards offering more standalone apps and this is merely one step in that direction.  If you haven’t already seen notifications to download the standalone app when using Facebook on your phone, you will surely be noticing it soon. They boast that the Messenger app is more reliable and even 20% faster, hoping this will draw all users to give it a try.  You can send photos, videos, conduct group chats, make voice calls for free, use “stickers” to liven up chats, and even leave voice messages.  They know users will expect only the best from Facebook and they are definitely looking to deliver.  You can download the Messenger app for free here for Android or iOS.

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