(As reported on Engadget) Facebook’s On This Day feature is a fun way to catch up on memories from your past, but it can also remind you of the “not-so-fun” memories too.  To avoid having to see something or someone you would prefer not to be reminded of, you can set the feature’s preferences and never have to worry about seeing anything you don’t want to.  While the On This Day feature is a nice touch, sometimes you may not want to be reminded what happened a year ago or 3 years ago.  Or you don’t want to see certain people you may not associate with any longer.  Just a FYI, even if you have unfriended someone, they will still show up in your On This Day feed.  When you see it show up in your newsfeed, you should be able to set the preferences to your personal liking.  Keep an eye out for this update!

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