Sometimes Facebook will make some updates and changes without you knowing until you see it one day on your newsfeed.  One being video auto-play; some people may not have even noticed it, some prefer it, and some don’t like it all.  While the video will start playing, the sound will not until you tap on the video.  Some may not really like this feature because it can cause higher data usage for the app.  If you are a concerned user and wish to not waste data on video downloads you aren’t interested in, you can change your app settings to take care of that.   All you have to do is go to your Facebook menu drop down, scroll all the way down to “App Settings”, go down the list to “Video Auto-play”, tap that and a window will appear with 3 options.  “On”, “Wi-fi only”, and “Off”; you can choose which best suits your preference.  If you are ok with the videos automatically playing but don’t wish to waste your data, the “Wi-fi only” option is good one, but if you don’t like them playing automatically at all then go with “Off”.  A simple fix!

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