Pinterest.  The dream board of all dream boards.  You can find just about anything in any category on this intelligently crafted social networking website.  You can share what you love and why you love it.  People get to know you and your specific style whether it be fashion, makeup, or building your dream home.  You can make a board for anything and put anything you want on it.  That’s the beauty of Pinterest, it can be so unique to the user that there are no hesitations about expressing yourself.  The one downfall is that sometimes when I find an outfit I like, the link just takes me to a random person’s blog with no purchasing information.

Worry not, my trendy Geeksters, there is hope!  ASAP54 is a brand new app that can resolve our problem.  Take or upload a photo, crop out the specific item desired, and ASAP54 will find where to purchase it. If it’s not available for purchase anymore, they will find a similar substitute that will still satisfy your stylish needs.  It even allows you to find inspiration from others so that you can always be kept up to speed with new trends.

Still a brand new app, it is unfortunately only available on the App Store for iOS.  I know that all the Android lovers will be eagerly waiting for it to be released on Google Play.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!  Is it really accurate in finding a similar substitute or is it way off?  This app is really going to take the app world into the next level.













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